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Queensland Daylight Saving Time

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Queensland Daylight Saving Time

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Queensland Daylight Saving Time


Every life lost on Queensland roads is one too many, and the road fatalities (majority are concentrated in the southeast) cost our state’s economy billions of dollars – Source: Ex Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson

Q. So how did we come across finding out that Daylight Saving (where suited) is achieving 30% fewer fatal road accidents?


·    NSW Roads & Traffic Authority Data


(NSW RTA advice was provided courtesy of the NSW Greens Party)

The compelling results on weekdays between 5 & 8PM

Month Fatalities
September   139  N/A   No, not yet
October       134 Down 5  Yes
November    97 Down 37  Yes

(NSW RTA figures were extracted between 2001 & 2004)

Total Reduction in Fatilities: Down 42 = 30.21% fewer!

Imagine all the generations who avoid these fatalities thanks to Daylight Saving over a period of 6 months P/A!

Q. So why should Southeast Queensland also gain from such a life-saving benefit if it too observes Daylight Saving like NSW?  


·    Because the metropolitan region experiences similar sunrise
& sunset times like that of NSW according to this satellite shot:


·    The Pedestrian Safety Council of Australia backs the calls for Daylight Saving to significantly reduce fatalities:

Why did QLD Abandon Daylight Saving?

Queensland’s politicians had state-wide Daylight Saving abandoned partly due to the risks of pre-dawn road fatalities taking place near rural schools outside the state’s southeast.

In the USA, Nixon was in trouble for this killing school children.

QLD MPs Must Now Prove They Are Not Making Southeast Multiply The Tragedies:

Queensland’s LNP politicians must now prove that Southeast Queensland without Daylight Saving is not actually multiplying this very costly problem in the form of afternoon/evening peak-hour fatalities costing more lives & taxpayers’ vital resources.

What did QLD’s Assistant Commissioner of Police Say About Our Road Fatalities?

Assistant Commissioner Peter Martin from Queensland Police said “Each and every fatality costs something like $2 million dollars based on the latest statistics, and serious injuries cost something like $400,000.” – Source: Seven News 19.09.2012

LNP must trial Daylight Saving in Southeast Queensland as their ‘Daylight Saving doesn’t save lives’ claim is false.

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QUT Professor explains dismissal of trial is a mistake.
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His Stimulus Findings:
-Shops open longer
-More sport &
health benefits
-Makes people happier and more productive
-Reducing SEQ’s
alarming road toll
and pressure on the
health system

Queensland Daylight Saving Time

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Queensland Daylight Saving Time

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Queensland Daylight Saving Time

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