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Queensland Daylight Saving Time

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Queensland Daylight Saving Time
Queensland Daylight Saving Time
Let's enjoy the daylight!

GC SUN - 2nd April 2008

It is sad that the people who are against the introduction of daylight saving obviously have no understanding of the concept    more>>>


Last night 9 News Brisbane revealed there's a strong possibility that South East Queensland may have a Daylight Saving trial following that of Independent Member for Nicklin Mr Peter Wellington taking a stand in Parliament pushing for the matter to be revisited 18 years later since the 1992 referendum.

At the moment however we've come across a Seven News Poll that closes at 4pm today asking:

Do you support a split time zone, allowing Daylight Saving in South East Queensland?

We encourage you to click 'Yes' and share this poll with friends and colleagues as quickly as possible who are equally supportive before the closing time in aid of making sure those in favour have the result going their way hands down.

Click Here for Poll

Latest News Article to Read and Share!

Outlet: Brisbane Courier Mail
Date: 15.04.2010
Daylight Saving Trial on the Cards After Anna Bligh Twitters on the Issue

Outlet: Brisbane Times
Date: 15.04.2010
Headline: Gympie: The 'New Coolangatta'

Outlet: Gold Coast Bulletin
Date: 14.04.2010
Headline: Bligh Tweets Daylight Saving Doubts

Outlet: Sunshine Coast Daily
Date: 14.04.2010
Headline: Daylight Saving Debate Rages

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